What to Barbecue – Choosing the Right Meat

The wife just told me that a bunch of friends are coming over this weekend to swim and drink. So what’s the problem you’re asking? Am I out of home brew? No! Is the pool green? No!
What to barbecue?
How do I choose what to throw on the grill?
Find yourself asking this same question?
Steaks, yard bird (chicken), pork roast, fish, veggies? There are plenty of choices so how does one make a choice?
Most of us check the freezer first and try to spot something to defrost then we plan a meal around it. But, I have come to the conclusion that this might not be the right way to go.
After tending the barbeque grill over the course 20 odd years, if not more, I have now gone in a different direction.
First I need some vital information.
Who is going to man the grill? Me or a volunteer.
If I’m informed that someone else will be manning the grill then the decision of what to barbecue becomes easier. I really don’t care because most likely I will be in the pool sippin’ on a cold one. But, if it looks like I’m going to have to do the cooking then things start to come into focus.
Okay the weekend is approaching and I need to plan the meal. First up, how is my mood? Yep, emotions come to play even when you’re grilling a great meal. Do I really want to be around a bunch of people all day? Do I want to participate in group activities? Or do I feel like just kicking back and enjoying a good cigar and few home brews?
If I want to be around all the guests then I know I don’t want to be stuck on the grill all day, so I have two choices. Cook something quick or cook something very very slow.
Hot dogs and preformed hamburgers are quick and easy and will allow you to get back into the action fast. Where as cooking a pork roast will allow you to set it and forget it! If it’s burgers and dogs then have the guest bring chips and dip. If you decide to cook a roast then plan on making the side dishes ahead of time. You don’t want to be stuck inside cooking when everybody else is outside jukin’.
Now there are times when friends and family arrive and I just don’t feel like being sociable, it happens to all of us at sometime. So in this case I want to cook something that requires my utmost attention. Something that might require basting or constant temperature adjustments.
In this case I would probably go with some pork spareribs. A nice slow heat is required along with constant basting. Um, sounds like a plan this weekend! This allows me to kick back and enjoy a good beer and cigar while the meat slowly cooks on the grill. I would also plan on throwing a few veggies on the grill, since they cook quick a constant presence must be used.
If anyone asks why I’m secluding myself from the party I just tell them that I’m in charge of a great meal and I want them to enjoy the whole day!
So don’t plan your barbecue around the refrigerator, plan it around your guests.

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