Cooking Mexican Food

If there is one thing that the country of Mexico is known for around the world, it is its delicious food. Cooking Mexican food may seem complicated, but with a little practice, anyone can cook delicious Mexican food at home. All they need to do is gain a little bit of knowledge about traditional Mexican ingredients and techniques.
Burritos are a popular and easily made Mexican food. In order to truly make fresh burritos, it is necessary to get a tortilla press. This instrument flattens masa, a corn meal dough, into thin patties. The patties are then briefly cooked and transformed into tortillas.
One of the most commonly used ingredients in Mexican food is peppers. There are many varieties of peppers, but the most common used in Mexican cooking are the jalapeno, ancho and serrano. Hardly a Mexican dish is presented that does not feature some form of pepper with varying degrees of hotness.
The only problem with most of the peppers that are used is that they are extremely hot, which makes them very flavorful, but can cause irritation if not handled properly. When cooking with hot peppers, it is necessary to wear gloves to keep the oils from getting all over the hands. It is also important to avoid contact between the hands and eyes or face when working with them. If you find that you love the taste but hate the pain afterwards, you can try using a spoonful of sugar or dairy products to try and cool the heat.
Learning how to cook authentic Mexican food is a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or just to try something new. The bold flavors help make any meal exciting and the dishes are unlike food from many other cultures. Next time the craving for a delicious burrito hits, avoid the fast food Mexican joints and try making some delicious, authentic Mexican food in your own kitchen.

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