Four Benefits of Non-Stick Pans

People today have already started to be health conscious particularly that obesity has turned one of the biggest health problems in every society. This has opened awareness to minimize fat intake, and one way the culinary industry recognizes this is by promoting the benefits of using a non-stick pan.
Requires Less Fat Promoting Better Health
Since a non-stick surface requires no oil, one benefit is the lesser fat in food. When fat is cut down or reduced, several hundred calories will be saved which means better health. Although we need fat or oil in our body, the tendency of using more oil than needed to make sure food does not stick to traditional cookware can lead to too much of these calories which affect our body in a negative way. Even with lower calorie foods, cooking them in excessive fat takes away from the healthy qualities of food. So to deliver low-fat cooking, a non-stick pan is ideal.
Less Preparation Time and Easy Clean Up
Because food doesn’t stick, it generally takes only a little time to prepare and a little effort to wash this cookware. Both the non-stick interior and exterior are fast and easy to clean and fully dishwasher safe. All you need is a soft sponge and warm soapy water to thoroughly clean your non-stick. But one thing to remember, although dishwashers are perfectly safe for non-stick coatings, it is still advisable to check the manufacturer’s care instructions. Additionally, with the increasing demand of this cookware, newer non stick surfaces have been developed to make sure they come more scratch resistant and safe with other cleaning materials.
Durable and Affordable
Nonstick cookware is usually offered at different price ranges making it a good option for a budget cookware. Durability wise, true non-stick coating comes in a variety of metals which make a difference when comparing one coating against another on the same quality pan. This combination of technology ensures that the coating maintains an outstanding point of performance on the pan. Depending on your needs, you can choose between an inexpensive aluminum non-stick and an expensive stainless steel non-stick pan.
Easier to Use and Energy Saving
Non-stick cooking is typically easier to handle. It requires less time stirring, lifting or turning the food, and very ideal for use when cooking fried or breaded recipes which needs extra care. Since you only cook on medium to medium high temperatures with non-sticks, it saves heat which in turn can ruin your food. I have made so many pancakes without adding a drop of oil into my non-stick, saving me time and trouble in the kitchen. If you’re a beginner, I recommend a non-stick pan. Provided the temperature is just right, cooking can be a lot better with the convenient pan surface. It can help you avoid burnt and stuck-on food as it does in a non-coated pan.
While different companies offer different kinds of non-stick coating, true non-sticks are usually priced somewhat higher as it truly offers some sort of coating which keeps food from sealing to the pan. In addition, you can be assured that the coatings in your pans are made by a reputable non-stick maker. With all these benefits, it simply means that a non-stick pan gets it all. What could be better than that?

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