Raw Food – The Simplest Natural Diet

More and more people are realizing that the key to health is not just in the exercise that you do but also in the type of food that you eat. The old saying is that you can not out train a bad diet. But a healthy diet is not just for people looking to get fit. It’s also for people that want to cure or prevent illness and disease, to feel better and happier or to slow down the aging process. Eating raw food is one of the ways in which you can provide your body with optimal nutrition. This article will explain the benefits of eating a raw food diet and how you can start following it today.
There are many benefits to a Raw food diet, or just incorporating more raw food into your current diet. Humans were meant to eat natural whole foods not the processed sugar and salt filled foods that are causing so many modern illnesses, diseases and obesity in Western countries. Specific benefits of eating more raw food include losing weight easily and keeping it off, curing heart disease, reducing bad cholesterol in the blood, curing IBS, acne and other allergies. People who start eating more raw food also report having more energy, and increased libido.
The reason that eating raw food makes you feel so much better is because raw food is richer in enzymes and nutrients than processed food or food that has been cooked too much. Our body needs enzymes to function correctly and many processed foods contain little or no enzymes. Cooking food at a temperature higher than 115 degrees Fahrenheit destroys the natural occurring enzymes in food depriving you of the benefits of eating food in the first place.
Further advantages of eating raw food are that your body is able to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from what you are eating, it is cheaper than processed food which isn’t giving you any nutrition, helps you lose fat easily, it helps you think more clearly and feel more calm and contains little chemicals or preservatives especially if you get organic produce.
In order to start incorporating more raw food into your diet you must first consult with a doctor, especially if you are suffering from an illness. Start investigating which foods you can safely eat raw. Many fruits and vegetables are naturally raw food. Learn how to broil or otherwise prepare vegetables below 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Also investigate eating different kinds of nuts and sprouts in order to get all the nutrients you need.
When it comes to food such as meats, eggs and fish you must be more cautious. Since many of these foods are raised on an industrial scale there is more potential for diseases to spread and infect the food. There are people that claim that eating raw animal products is a very healthy and natural thing to do and that our early ancestors ate like this. It should be noted that those that eat raw meat prefer their meat to come from pasture or grass fed animals in order to lower the risk of disease. You should thoroughly investigate how you can eat these foods safely if you choose to do this, and again always consult with your doctor before changing your diet in this way.
There are many ways in which you can prepare raw food meals, either as salads, smoothies or sauces. The juicer, broiler and blender are some great pieces of kitchen equipment to get that will help you create delicious raw food meals, juices and smoothies. So educate yourself and start benefiting from raw food immediately.

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